Oregon Waterfall Elopement with Two Grooms

  1. Analy says:

    MARI! THESE ARE STUNNING! i love seeing same sex photos, and this wedding is by far taking my breath away. You captured their love so beautifully! I seriously can’t imagine how happy they are to have these photographs of their special day!

  2. Katy Weaver says:

    Seriously this is one of my all-time favorite shoots! I love how much heart you put into everything you do! Such an amazing same-sex forest elopement!!

  3. This same sex elopement is beautiful. Your edit is really unique. Love the warmth in your tones and the intimate moments that you captured. Also, congrats on your feature!! 🙂

  4. corrie mahr says:

    This is PRECIOUS!!! I love the oregon forest vibes, always so beautiful! And congrats on getting in Wedventure for this same sex elopement, that’s so amazing!

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